Do you want to soak in an old and worn out bathtub? Probably not! A broken tub does not bring any relaxing feeling. Not at all! With a small bathtub remodel, you can make a significant step in changing the overhauled look of your bathtub, and increase the value of your home in case you want to sell it at some point in future.
If you are looking for a bathtub remodel expert who will add glamour to your old tub, you just found us! With 30-years experience remodelling bathtubs in Kellyville, we are hard to beat. We have gained a tremendous reputation over the years, something that makes us a perfect choice, and a market leader who prioritizes in customer satisfaction.
We work hard to ensure that all the customers we serve refer us to other customers, and the other customers refer us to others…and the chain continues. This explains why we are the most preferred and trusted bathtub remodelling expert in Kellyville with a solid client base.

Our bathtub remodelling services

We have no single bathtub remodel that can suit the needs of our clients. When you come to us, we shall; offer you with a broad range of styles and colours to choose from, and then schedule a meeting with you. We shall listen to you, look at your bathtub, and offer you with the most customizable options you cannot find anywhere else in the market. All bathtubs were not created equal; thus we believe there is no reason why yours should be remodelled to look like your neighbour’s.
Adding accessories to your bathtub is another way of making it outstanding. We offer a great deal of them, including grab bars and in-built seats. If you need a bathtub that will forever give you a reason to soak in it, then give us an opportunity to retouch it.
We know that your bathroom is closer to your heart than other parts of the home, and it is the element that receives the most traffic. This is why we commit ourselves to providing the best bathtub remodelling services. We know that remodelling work can take a lot of time and cause inconveniences to you, your loved ones, and visitors; hence we have heavily invested in human resource and modern equipment that help us offer a perfect blend of quality and same day service. Yes, you get a remodelled bathtub on the same day we come to your premises!

We believe in respect

A professional who will come to your home and show zero signs of respect is no professional at all, and you should avoid such at all costs. When we come to yo9ur home, we know that you have a private life; hence we shall concentrate on the work area, and not poke our noses into other areas of your indoor space. Respect is a contributing factor to our reputation, and we endeavour to maintain it as long as we are in business.
When we complete the project, we shall clean the entire bathroom, and leave it way better than we found it.

Bathtub remodelling quote

Sometimes, you work with a professional who will offer you a quote, work on the project, but later charge you double the amount he had initially quoted. This is highly unprofessional. When we give you a quote, we stick with its content to the letter. What’s more, our estimate is well-outlined to enable you to understand exactly what you are paying for. In case we need something in the middle of the project, we shall discuss it with you and give a new quote – all this free of charge!

Fast installations

We employ trained bathroom remodelers who use cutting-edge equipment to ensure quick fittings. With us, you will not spend a day without a functional bathroom. Call us today, and we shall respond as fast as we can, and offer the service swiftly so that we can save you the hassle.

We use quality sealers

Once we have finished remodelling your bathtub, the most important thing is to ensure its durability. We want you to have a functional and attractive bathroom for decades; hence we use sealers of the highest quality. We work with the best manufacturers in Australia; therefore, we guarantee you that your bathtub will serve you for decades before demanding another renovation.
If you want to know more about our bathtub remodelling services in Kellyville, call us today, and get a free quote. We shall begin working on your project as soon as you sign a contract with us.